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Meet Daisy....






Download the project from here - 'save target as'

"THANK YOU TO ALL MY FRIENDS   who are helping by sponsoring me!"


Daisy's Diary....

Well it all started when I hurt my ankle. I slipped on Lin's decking and then my bed box house was too small for me to get in and out of!

The next thing was a reporter and a camera man came round  and before I knew it I had a brand new luxury House....




  E    Watch the Movie here



Thank you Jim and Paula at Brierley Hill Sheds and Fencing

Dawley Brook Rd Kingswinford

01384 400089.

Must remind Lin about the plasma TV!!!!


Daisy's venture into the art world...


Following the success of my first piece of exhibition installation art entitled ' Nativity scene - on Christmas morning' ( on patio window glass) ...

By popular demand I am submitting my latest piece for public feedback. This is a monochrome self portrait in mixed media. Muddy snout mix from garden wallow applied on patio glass door.

Technique applied by initial muddy snout smearing, followed by whole body brush over full application and final touches added by reverse tail switching.

It is a representation with particular emphasis on texture and perspective in realist style. Limited edition prints are available on request. POA but as a guideline approx currency is 4 melons - 3 mangoes - 10 apples


Daisy the talking pig with attitude!

Daisy's Diary....










Now…. I had a friend who invited me to help him and some other people set up a family retreat  with HET ( Holistic Educational Therapy) in the South West of England. This was the Willow Bridge - it became a retreat near Glastonbury in Somerset They needed  a lot of money to keep it all going. It  was set up to help children and families in crisis, part of it was our Eco Village and another part was with an animal sanctuary from which to run the HET PET programme. 

Ruby and I worked very hard there alongside our friends who wanted to be part of this vision and at the same time I  tried to get funding in to keep it all going but didn’t get enough in…. although I won a very special award – called ‘Rediscover your heart’ for my work there on inspiring and empowering young people, from a humanitarian philanthropist called Fred Matser who wrote a book on the ways people rediscover their heart!  


During the year that I lived and worked there – I went to  help in a nearby animal sanctuary, showing them how to use the remedies to help some of the animals they had in, that had also had a bad time – that is where I got to hear about Daisy – a little black German Micro Pig. Daisy had been bought when she was a tiny piglet for a little boy who was very ill with cancer. He had always wanted a pig and so his dad had bought him Daisy. As she grew up she became too playful and would pull some of the drips with medicine in, out of the little boys arm and so she had to go. I said at the time she must be a ‘healer’ pig and the little boy didn’t need it any more. Everyone thought I was mad when I said that ( but I’d worked a lot with children in crisis and animals!) I was right…. the little boy was cured of his illness but Daisy still had to go - she came to be with me and Ruby at the animal sanctuary. She had her own webcam and regularly shared her stories and helped children and families who visited her online.   

Which I  have to say got trashed one day when she decided to pulll her pen apart - well I did say she had some behavioural issues!!!



Daisy's baby photo





Daisy's Diary....

Well, I don't mind sharing my leftovers with the pigeon and the blackbird - but being dive bombed by the wasps before I've finished eating is something else!

Thank you Richard at

for helping me out here!


Well anyway....


The man in charge of the retreat decided he didn’t want us there after a year and wanted to turn it into something else.

So me, Ruby, Daisy and my friends had to leave! 


Daisy is now carrying on Ruby's good work by telling stories and making films to help  young people.






Making friends for the first time

   d+r                                       friends

Ruby and Daisy soon became good friends                   Ruby and Daisy were good at making new friends together


table manners4smop                           firewoodsm

They shared their stories with children and families via a webcam online - Sometimes she would be helpful!



Daisy had made a series of films to show young people, their  parents and their families what sort of things can help ADHD and behavioural issues. It is helpful to watch these films together and discuss then afterwards

Please enjoy them and send us an email letting us know what you think.


A short film about understanding what ADHD is:








This film is about an Ecotherapy project that Daisy did to help out a HETty! 


This one is about the effects of chocolate in the diet and explains why chocolate helps some people with ADHD and makes it worse for others





This film explains that the best gift of all is quality time together


A video about how and why exercise is so important for ADHD


This next film show us the importance of incentives and rewards in aking better choices



Next, a video about how to  make  behavoural charts  work